Hemp, Lime and Water

Hempcrete or "hemplime" is a lightweight fiber reinforced insulation/infill construction material.  Hempcrete is the combination of lime based binders, hemp core fiber (hurd), and water.  When used as a building material Hempcrete is highly thermal, fire, pest, and mold resistant with natural humidity and temperature regulating properties.  Building with Hempcrete creates a healthier living environment with flexible design options.

The Hemp Building Company is a sustainable building, contractor oriented, material supply and service company.  We aim to use hemp to build “healthy homes” in an affordable manner. We primarily use a formulation of lime based binder and hemp as an insulation and infill method.  After we insulate the buildings with Hempcrete, we apply a Hemplime render to create a permeable finish on the walls. We also are very determined to educate people about the benefits of using Hempcrete as a building material.  As we focus to build our company, we are creating a supply chain to be able to source and supply “grade A” material at the lowest price point possible.  Through our partnerships we are developing American industrial hemp processing capabilities and helping farmers to grow, process and sell their material.


 Hempcrete Products



Building grade hemp hurd

Lime Binder


Type S & Hydraulic

Home Hempcrete Kit


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Colorado Clay


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Render Mix

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Hemp & Lime Render

Hempbatt Insulation


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Upcoming Projects

Longmont, CO

Hempquarters is a project that HBC created in order to display the benefits of Hempcrete in a tangible form. What used to be an old goat barn will become an art studio/showroom of healthy building materials and practices.



The Hemp Building Company is a proud founding member of the US Hemp Building Association

The USHBA is a community of motivated innovators and entrepreneurs with aspirations to progress the building industry.  We are working together to educate our communities, update building codes and provide safer, healthier homes and buildings.



The Hemp Building Company is a proud member of the International Hemp Building Association

The IHBA is a non-profit company formed in Ireland in 2009 with over 200 members from 25 different countries.  The IHBA strives to develop, promote and support the production of hemp based construction materials, as well as educate communities and officials in order to create the necessary infrastructure to establish an International hemp building industry.