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Our Mission

Hempcore is devoted to bringing hemp to the forefront of American agriculture and industry. We believe that hemp has the ability to revive local economies, and reverse some of the environmental damages created by the current industrial agriculture system. Our goal is to help build out the American hemp supply chain to make materials more accessible and reduce our dependence on imported hemp materials. We offer materials and services to businesses and farmers looking to incorporate hemp into their operations.

Why Hemp?

Hemp can significantly contribute to reducing global atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. It is scientifically proven that hemp absorbs more CO2 per acre than any other commercial crop or agro-forest industry. Industrial hemp can absorb nine tonnes of CO2 per acre. CO2 is absorbed during the photosynthesis process and is permanently bonded to the fibers within the plant. Hemp can then be used to replace synthetic and petroleum derived products thus, further reducing our ecological impact on the planet. With a rapid growth cycle and high biomass content, hemp is one of the best CO2 to biomass conversion tools available. Hemp can also have two grow cycles in certain areas doubling its carbon sequestration capabilities per acre. Given that hemp is a low maintenance crop, that often does not require much fertilizers or pesticides, it offsets the emissions created during cultivation and processing.


Hemp Is healthy for the planet and the people. Hemp has one of the highest rates of carbon sequestration of any conventional crop on the planet. During its growing cycle it remediates the soil by absorbing toxins. It has been used in the past to remediate the soils near nuclear waste sites like Chernobyl.


With over 25,000 different uses hemp can be incorporated into many different products. From building materials to textiles, biocomposites to food, industrial hemp can be used as a more sustainable alternative to everyday products.


Because the hemp plant is rapidly renewable and optimal for carbon sequestration, it is a great eco-friendly alternative to products that are currently created from plastic, timber and synthetic fibers.

For the Farmers

Industrial hemp can thrive in a variety of climates and has a growth period of about four months. Hemp uses approximately ½ as much land and water as cotton does as well as helps replenish nutrients to the soil, making it possible to grow a food crop immediately after harvest.


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